OxyLED MD50 Flashlight Review

I really like flashlights. Luckily for me there are a lot of options out there. I’ve used a lot of flashlights and, while I like some of them, others I don’t. A good flashlight should, ultimately, fit your needs. This will vary from person to person as well as in different situations. I don’t need a top of the line flashlight to look at a leak under my kitchen sink. When I’m out camping, though, I want something a lot stronger and more reliable.

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The OxyLED MD50 is a flashlight (torch for you, Brits!) that seems to fit the bill for something a bit more demanding, at first glance. Its design is a machined aluminum body, anodized black. It has a wrist strap that is intended for active use to make sure that the light stays with you while you’re moving and potentially drop it. It puts out 500 lumens with a CREE LED.  It even comes with a one-year warranty seemingly anticipating that you are going to use this light in rough environments.

My first impression was with the box.  It’s the first thing that you open when you get a product, of course.  The box is fine, ultimately.  It felt a bit cheap, however.  The front clasps were difficult to get my fingers under to open and there just wasn’t a lot of stiffness or structure to the box.  I only bring up the feel of the box because I feel that it should somewhat resemble the product inside.  The flashlight feels much sturdier compared to other flashlights and I’ve felt boxes that were sturdier than this one.  I just feel that the two should compliment each other.

The foam on the inside of the box was cut out around all of the accessories.  This was a nice touch and I felt that the presentation of materials, product, and accessories inside the box was fine.  You get the flashlight, a carrying cage for 3 AAA batteries, a rechargeable battery, a battery charger and electrical outlet adapter as well as the various warranty and product cards.

I took the flashlight out and began inspecting it.  The construction of the body seemed to be fairly solid.  You can get a little bit of play/wiggle of the body where the head telescopes up the body, but this is perfectly acceptable and expected.  It’s tough to design something that slides smoothly without wiggling.  The standard black anodized finish looks good for this flashlight, too.  I wasn’t sure about the bright green button on the back side of the light.  This seemed like a fairly bold color to put on a flashlight, but it’s wearing on me.  Typically, these rear buttons are black or clear.  Not a big deal, but for a discerning customer, it could be something that would throw them off.

I’ll include more detailed notes in the next couple of weeks as I use the flashlight more to give you a better idea of what you can expect from this particular light.


Well, I’ve been using this flashlight off and on for the last month now and I’ve come to really like it.  I’ve used it in my attic looking for a roof leak, at work checking water levels in tanks, on night walks to illuminate sidewalks and a lot in between. The most useful that this flashlight has been was up in my attic. The combination of the strap and adjustable focus was perfect for the situation. I was working my way down the line of my roof checking for leaks in between my rafters and the adjustable focus was perfect in this scenario. It allowed me to get a wide angle when I needed to view areas close to me and a tight angle when I needed to see areas further from me. I didn’t have to crawl around a lot in the insulation trying to get a good look at each area.

I have to say that this beam is really bright, too. OxyLED states that the light has a 500 lumen output. I was able to measure 1200 lumens/square meter (lx).  This is very bright compared to the old PrincetonTec Attitude I’ve been using.

I’m disappointed that the finish of the flashlight is not better, however. While using the light, you can feel that the edges are a bit rough. Adding a deburring step in the manufacturing process would eliminate this rough feeling and possibly remove the burr around the strap hole. This will eventually cut the strap and you may inadvertently lose your light!

Sharp burr!
Sharp burr!

The flashlight comes with a rechargeable battery as well as a holder for 3 AAA batteries. I got to looking at the rechargeable battery and it seems that this battery could have been much more significant and still worked in the battery.  There is a lot of extra room on the side and seems that the battery could have been designed to fill this space and provide a longer life for the end user.

Extra room around the rechargeable battery.
Extra room around the rechargeable battery.

This is a good flashlight, ultimately, and you can’t beat it for the price. You can find out more information on their Amazon page below.

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  1. The battery that came with the unit should have come with a plastic liner that fills the extra space.
    You couldn’t figure out why it was there and put it in the round file right !

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