OxyLED Solar Pathway Light Review

Any homeowner knows that a lighted walkway is better than one that is unlit.  Finding a good looking, functional light to place near a path of yours is not always an easy task.  You can head to your nearest home repair store and browse their offerings and hope that the lights that they sell are good enough to hold a charge into the first part of the night or if they stand straight up past the first few months of installation.  A lot of this comes down to the user (you) and what your preferences are and how you install it.

Right now, I’m going to give you a detailed look into the OxyLED Solar Pathway Light (TSP-02 Solar Motion Sensor).  I always do an unboxing description with photos.  This gives a better impression of the overall quality of the product as well as sets an expectation as to what you are going to receive if you purchase this product for yourself.  The packaging for this pathway light was fairly nondescript.  It came in a plain, white box with a basic sticker on the top left-hand corner that gave the company name, the product name and it’s country of manufacture.

The exterior of the package.
The exterior of the package.

Upon opening the box, you can see that the light is fairly well nestled into some more cardboard to help protect it during shipping.  Nothing fancy here, but this is a pathway light, so I don’t think anything fancy on the inside is needed.  I would have liked to see something on the exterior of the box showing an image of the product so that you know what is inside.  A step above would have been including some marketing descriptions on the image, too.  This would be a good opportunity to highlight some of the lights features.

The package contains the light, a basic guide with multiple mounting instructions, a wall mount and adhesive for a more permanent mounting method.  As you can see in the last two images, there is a recess in the back with a switch labeled ‘Auto’ and ‘Off’.  This is a one-time use switch.  You’re supposed to set it to ‘Off’ when you first receive the light and leave the light in direct sunlight for the first four days to ensure proper charging and function of the battery/light.  Once you’ve completed this step, you can set the switch to ‘Auto’ and not deal with it again.

I have to say that I really like the design of this light.  It’s got a nice look to it, overall, and would look good at most homes.  The brushed metal look on the front face paired with the angles and light placement make this unit seem like it was designed to fit in with the taste and preference of a lot of potential customers.

At first glance, I’m not impressed with the mounting options, however.  One single mount point for a screw seems inadequate.  Not that this light is heavy, but the unit will be exposed to foot traffic by humans and animals and wind being outside on a pathway.  If you happen to get snow in the winter, you’re most likely going to be using a shovel near it and could knock it off.  I would have preferred to see a stamped metal plate that could have been permanently fixed to the mounting surface.  This plate could then have been used to slide the main light unit onto.  Some clips could have held it permanently in place.  I’m sure there are other potential options, but the options included with the light seem to be afterthoughts.

As always, I’m going to use this light for a couple of weeks and will post an update with my impressions from real world use, then.

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